Rema Puncture Repair Kit


Tip Top Puncture Repair Kit


A proper puncture repair kit, refillable and in a cool nostalgic tin.  Squeeze as much life as you can out of your inner tubes by patching them up and using them as spares. After that, use them as a chain protector on the stays of your mountain bike or winter hack.  After that, bring them to us, some manufacturers will take 'em back and recycle them. All good stuff.

When your beautiful tin is rattling as you've emptied it, we can restock it for you. Hopefully you'll still have this tucked in your saddle bag for decades to come. Each dent on the tin testament to the miles you've clocked up. 

6 x tube patches size F1
1 x tube patch size F2
1 x vulcanizing liquid 5g tube
1 x sanding cloth with special rubber pad
1 x valve hose
1 x instructions