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How to Build a Bike

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How to Build a Bike


We love books.  Our shop is full of them. Sometimes, just sometimes we have time to turn a page or two, look at pretty pictures and glean some wisdom from the text. 

For a cyclist, there ain't many better books than How to Build a Bike.

Written by Jenni, a gal who learnt by fettling, this is beautifully photographed and simple to follow, focusing on what those who pedal ought to know, whether you intend to build a bike or not. It might just save you a couple of quid next time your bike starts to complain.

With just enough information without getting lost in nerdy cul-de-sacs about the unnecessary stuff, and sprinkled with humour and anecdotes, it's worthy of a place on your coffee table.  Or perhaps it should live next to that copy of Collins Book of DIY you reach for when you drill through a water-pipe? You choose, just get it in your basket.