We have a long shopping list of requirements when we're seeking brands; we're fussy, but we like to think in a good way. As ever, small firms float to the top of our partner list because when it comes to understanding the philosophy of a brand, small firms can't afford an arm of reps, you generally get to speak to the guys and gals running the show. That's great, because they're excited by their products and are keen to share their vision.

So, Pelago. Well, we are driven to make cycling an easy choice for Folk Like You. That means bikes that are built to withstand the weather we experience up north, but which don't forego all style for function. Afterall, if it were just about the weather, we'd never step out of our wellies and into our Novestas.

Pelago have been making bikes for our Finnish friends for about a decade now, and let me tell you, Helsinki genuinely knows what bad weather feels like. If you were in any doubt, they're the only brand we've encountered who recognise that a woolly scarf is an essential cycling accessory. I'm not kidding. The company began life as an experiment by two graphic designer brothers, Timo and Mikko, who simply love bikes, but has grown into a proper business, exporting to discerning independent bike shops around the world. They're a business focussed on building basic bikes, really, really well.

I didn't go to the kind of school that taught Latin, but their Google tells me that the company motto, firmitas utilitas venustas, translates to solid, useful, beautiful. Or something very similar. Now that's the sort of design brief we can stand behind.