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Abby Harman Folk Like You

A wee note from Abby...

This bit’s always a little awkward for me. I’ve read many a blog, bio or interview and listened to numerous inspiring women in sport or business who’ve done remarkable things. Though I love hearing the journeys these remarkable sisters have made, both actual and metaphorical, I know truly that I am not like them. Not one bit.

I am, however, on a journey, as I believe we all are, and that journey has been sped up, made more efficient and arguably more fun due to the addition of a bicycle.

My career has taken me from rural Aberdeenshire to Manchester via Edinburgh, Brighton, London and the Lake District. It’s involved office jobs and climbing walls, recording studios and festival stages, consulting rooms and coffee roasters, and along the way I’ve pedalled a pushbike. It’s been a constant in my world for over two decades, but rarely has it been centre stage. More or less the reliable friend escorts me to places of work, leisure or entertainment, before escorting me safely home again, without leaving much beyond some tyre tracks on the planet we share.

I’m not playing it down; I love biking and yes, I own a road bike, yes I’ve donned lycra and travelled significant distances by bike, yes I’ve entered events, and yes, in the distant past I’ve coached a little. But by far and away the thing that a bike has given me is the freedom to travel around the towns, villages and cities I’ve inhabited and visited keeping me fit and healthy along the way. Cycling for travel is the bread-and-butter of my cycling life, and it’s incidental. It’s simply my mode of transport of choice.

Folk Like You was born out of a perfect storm of events; a move to Manchester, a morning commute where I was really challenged to think about how best to keep myself safe, a passion for more sustainable living and a firm belief that cycling is an empowering experience. Particularly for women. Ultimately, a belief that cycling is too good to be enjoyed by the few. I want to share the experience.

To do that I’ve put myself front and centre, rented a shop and carefully chosen bikes, stuff to put on your bikes, things you can wear on your bike and things you need for your bike ride. You get the idea. Stuff that makes cycling accessible and comfortable for, well, everyone. For Folk Like You.


We are Folk Like You

Folk Like You is a female-fronted bike shop for everyday people.

We offer a range of bicycles, electric bikes, clothing, and accessories. Everything we stock has been carefully selected for their blend of style and function, so that you can use your bike anytime, anywhere, for any reason, and feel awesome whilst doing it.


How we are different

First and foremost we’re listeners. We want to hear how you live your life because we know that with the right bike and most suitable kit, we can help you to weave cycling into your weekly routine, and your weekend adventures. Afterall, Cycling is empowering. You can travel by bike safely and sustainably, without compromise, wherever you are and wherever you are going - and we’re experts at helping Folk Like You to keep those pedals turning.

We can help you find healthier ways to pick up your groceries, to get to the office, to visit your friends, to find a good pub, to enjoy the outdoors, and to blow raspberries at everyone who's sat in traffic, shouting at the radio, as you pedal by. We help folk like you find their freedom.

We’re incredibly proud that through our approach, the first conversation we have with every manufacturer and provider begins with a question about ethics. We’re only interested in working with businesses, whether large or small who, like us, care for people and the planet, not simply profit. When you shop with us, you are shopping conscientiously and you are shopping responsibly.

We also know that cycling in the UK has become a little bit exclusive and we want to change that. Or rather, we want YOU to change that. We love exploding myths, explaining jargon, and cutting through the BS you might encounter in cycling culture. We’re here to be the change we want to see, will you join us?

Sure, Cycling is sport. But Cycling is also transport, Cycling is art, Cycling is fashion, Cycling is safe, Cycling is sustainable, Cycling is utilitarian, Cycling is fun, Cycling is empowering, Cycling is your salvation. Cycling is for Folk Like You.

You can travel by bike safely and sustainably, without compromise, wherever you are and wherever you are going - and we’re experts at helping you along the way.